7 Tasks Seniors Need Help With the Most

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    Tasks Seniors Need Help With

    What is one task that seniors need help with the most?

    We all need help with various things, but as we get older, it seems that brand new tasks come into our lives. That’s why we asked retirement experts and business leaders this question for their best advice. From getting your retirement on track to staying connected through technology, there are several tasks that we can do to care for our loved ones.

    Here are seven tasks that seniors need help with the most:

    • Training Against Cybercrime
    • Getting Their Retirement on Track
    • Seeking Out Tools for Mobility
    • Staying Active to Stay Sharp
    • Organizing Bill Payments
    • Staying Connected Through Tech
    • Planning Will

    Training Against Cybercrime

    Technology and software are evolving at a faster rate each and every year. Many seniors don’t have the ability to keep up with the amount of cybercrime and phishing scams out there and are often the most vulnerable to scams, hacking, and identity theft. By educating in a fun way, the knowledge is remembered and many attempts are stopped. Tell your seniors and loved ones to be on the lookout for these calls where the scammer uses a sense of urgency and reminds them that no one will ask you for a wire transfer or check over the phone.

    Getting Their Retirement on Track

    Account aggregation software is essential to helping seniors and their adult children keep track of where accounts are held, how holdings are invested, and how the investments are performing relative to benchmarks. Often we find seniors have multiple accounts — savings, IRA, CD, 401(k), brokerage, checking, and more — at multiple institutions and have no idea how everything fits together. Working with account aggregation tools, the senior or their family can see through a single log-in where everything is located and make better decisions on tax planning, funding a care need, or monitoring against elder financial abuse. With a few key clicks, a balance sheet and income statement can be generated. Finally, getting a handle on where accounts are located is a great first step in simplifying an overall investment strategy and can make estate settlement significantly easier.

    Seeking Out Tools for Mobility

    Mobility is the most important to the elderly. Thankfully numerous mobility assistive devices and walking aids are available to assist seniors. Canes are perhaps the most common walking aid seniors use, however, careful consideration needs to be taken when deciding which cane to use. There are three common canes, namely, quad canes, forearm canes, and adjustable

    canes. Quad canes are sturdy and ideal for seniors prone to slipping. Forearm canes or elbow crutches offer extra support and help transfer the body weight from the lower body to the upper body. Adjustable canes allow seniors to adjust the preferred length of the cane. When choosing an adjustable cane, look for a properly measured cane since choosing the wrong adjustable cane can be less stable.

    Meg Marrs, Safe Senior Care

    Staying Active to Stay Sharp

    One task that seniors need help the most with is staying active. There is a widely held belief that at a certain age we need to start slowing down, but to continue to lead a full and engaged life, we need to do just the opposite! Encourage your aging loved ones to stay active! Encourage them to walk daily, or better yet, go for a walk with them. Walking is not just good for the body, but it's a chance to be social when done with friends, and there is the added benefit of getting outdoors. Getting or staying physically active is the best thing a senior can do to stay physically strong, intellectually sharp, and socially connected.

    Emily Johnson, StrongerU Senior Fitness

    Organizing Bill Payments

    As people age, they start to worry about their finances more. They may not have a strong enough grasp on technology and can't keep up with all the bills that come in from insurance companies or local businesses. Senior citizens often need help making sure everything is taken care of as it should be because sometimes life gets too hectic and confusing for them.

    Altay Gursel, Metriculum

    Staying Connected Through Tech

    It’s a hard question to answer as it is quite specific to the individual, such as when an older adult has a medical issue, they’ll need help in certain areas over others. That said, the biggest challenge for older adults is staying connected, staying relevant, having a reason to get up in the morning. In this day and age, a lot of this can be accomplished via technology (social media channels, texting, etc.). So ensuring that older adults have the tools — built specifically with them in mind — they need to stay in touch with friends and family and can have the latest events in their area or surroundings is key. Moreover, using that technology to foster real relationships and drive physical connection beyond anonymous electronic connection is key to that sense of purpose, of connection.

    Scott Moody, K4Connect

    Planning Will

    Getting their estate planning documents created and or updated and making sure that those documents are stored in a secure but accessible location. Many people delay creating these documents and do not realize the financial cost and grief they cause their loved ones by failing to plan. By having the conversation about the need for an updated medical and financial power of attorney, living will, and will. By helping seniors create these documents, you are enabling them to not only protect their choices, assets, and loved ones but giving them the gift of peace of mind.

    Mary Kate D’Souza, Gentreo